Chess Tips to Play Chess in Different Ways

Chess Tips to Play Chess in Different Ways include the various styles to play a chess game.

1- Traditional way 

The traditional way to play chess goes as follows: 

-Each player is designated a colour, either white or black and 16 chess pieces of that colour. 

-They are placed in a specific order opposite each other on a 64 block chess board. 

-Each piece has a specific move set, that is, each piece has a unique way to manoeuvre around the board. 

-The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king piece.

This traditional way of playing chess remains the overwhelming standard for most chess games.  It is not, however, the only way to play chess.  In fact, there are hundreds of variants of chess, each of which has their own set of rules, the board set up, and objective.  Chess game variants are a way for players to play chess in a different way, building up their knowledge of chess, stimulating the mental game of chess, and enjoying variety.

Chess tips to play chess

Chess Tips to Play Chess in Different Ways

2.  ChessCube

This new variant of chess allows individuals to play chess in a new way, by introducing luck.  In this variant, the board is set up the same as traditional chess.  However, in ChessCube, each player possesses a cube with a different piece on each side.  Before their turn, each player rolls this cube and is forced to move the piece displayed on the top side of the cube.

For example, if a player rolls a bishop, he or she is required to move one of the bishops to any place of his or her choosing.  The other player then takes a turn rolling the dice and moving the displayed piece, and so on.  This variant, as mentioned before, introduces luck and forces players to consider new situations by randomising the piece to be moved.

3.  Loser’s Chess

Loser’s chess is one of the most popular variants of chess.  This particular variant allows players to play chess with an objective that is the absolute opposite of traditional chess.  In Loser’s Chess, each player aims to lose all of his or her pieces or to get checkmated.  This backwards way of thinking improves a player’s understanding of the game by forcing a better understanding of the objective, and the steps that can be taken to get there.

4.  Bughouse Chess

This chess tips to play chess involves two teams, each consisting of two players.  These two teams then face off in one overall game, on two separate chess boards.  When one piece is captured on one of the chess boards, it is moved to the partner on the other board.

This is a more complicated way to play chess, forcing players to consider additional situations with the extra pieces and move options.  However, this variant works similarly to doing pull-ups with weights around your waist.  As you improve in Bughouse Chess, traditional chess becomes seemingly more and more simple.

Keeping an open mind to new ways to improve your chess game is just one way to become an advanced chess player.  Most chess variants improve a specific skill required in traditional chess, ranging from visuospatial memory to intuition of the opponent.  Improving these skills will undoubtedly help the up-and-coming player improve their chess game!

These are the few chess tips to play chess in different ways that every player should learn.